About Us

Bülent Aris is a platinum-selling German producer of Turkish descent.He started his career with the cover of Duran Duran "A View To Kill" in 1985. With this cover song he was number 11 in the German charts.In 1994 his first project, "Fun Factory", charted worldwide.In 1996 Bülent Aris founded his first own company "Booya Music".From then on he produced bands and artists known worldwide, such as: Backstreet Boys, N`Sync, Mark Wahlberg, (Mary Mark) Sarah Connor, to name just a few. He also produced remixes of artists such as Boyz 2 Men and Brian Mcnight at Booya Music. With his ex-partner Toni Cottura, Bülent Aris also produced Booya Music's own platinum artists. These were: Nana, Pappa Bear, Toni Cottura, Daisy Dee, A.K. Swift and many more. Arix Music is his new company. Where no company believes in new talent anymore, he signs Newcomer.

Bülent Aris, Arix Music Producer, ceo

Isy (Ismail) Teggour hails from the Düsseldorf hip-hop scene and serves as the studio manager and artist manager. He takes care of booking, planning, and staffing for Arix Studios while also working as a tour manager and overseeing the well-being of Arix's in-house artists.

In addition, Isy is responsible for live planning and execution of Arix events. These events may include promotional performances by Arix artists or individual hip-hop events in Düsseldorf clubs, organized by Arix.

Isy Teggour, Studio Manager, coo

Bill, Purpple Dove, Ryan is a young talented Artist & Producer. 

To take his skills to a new level, Bill works as a production-assistant at Arix Music. He's recording, editing vocals and producing demos with the inhouse artists. He is also responsible for the social media needs of Arix Music.

Bilal, Assistent to the Producer's

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