"Au Revoir" drückt tief empfundene Emotionen aus, handelt von Unsicherheiten in der Liebe und dem Wunsch nach Wiederkehr trotz schmerzhafter Abschiede. Die Hook verstärkt das Gefühl der Leere und die Schwierigkeit Emotionen zu artikulieren.

"Moonwalk" is a heartfelt song exploring the struggle to cope with emotions after heartbreak. It delves into themes of insomnia, anxiety, and vulnerability, with a poignant refrain expressing overwhelming feelings. Collaborative vocals provide both male and female perspectives on love and loss, creating a rich narrative of emotional complexity.

"From Here to Eternity" ist das kreative Ergebnis eines Produzententeams mit vielfältigen musikalischen Wurzeln. Die Mitglieder vereinen nicht nur ihre unterschiedlichen Einflüsse, sondern teilen auch die Vision, dass die junge Band, die sich im Verlauf ihrer Veröffentlichungen formt, musikalisch erfolgreich sein und über ihre Grenzen hinauswachsen soll. Eine Fusion von Diversität und Ambition, die den Weg von der Gegenwart in die Ewigkeit musikalisch gestaltet.

THA OLD HEADS is a project made up of Bulent Aris and Rodney (Rod D.) Hardison.
Two guys who met in the early nineties in Germany... in a music studio in Hamburg to be exact.
Bulent working as one of the original producers of the mega band Fun Factory. Rod D. as the original rapper for the band.
These two met, DJ'd and hyped up crowds at local clubs around Hamburg in the early 90s.

⏩ ⏩ Fast forward 30+ years you now have "THA OLD HEADS"!!!!!
THA OLD HEADS team up with the Grammy Nominated Aloe Blacc to bring in a

stunning rendition of a 80's classic hit Silent Running.

Born and raised in Düsseldorf, my musical journey began at an early age. At the age of 12, I discovered rapping, and in 2022, I received my first official signing with Arix Music. My goal remained unchanged, but the path to it has improved. Alongside my friend and co-writer, we created this magnificent song, "Love & Pain," which perfectly reflects the love and pain in my life.

My new single is called 'Shake Your Butt,' and it's an exhilarating party anthem. With an infectious beat and catchy melodies, the song invites listeners to let loose on the dance floor. The high-energy lyrics encourage leaving all worries behind and simply having fun. The combination of Afro rhythms and modern sounds makes 'Shake Your Butt' an essential track for any party playlist. Whether you're at the club or a house party, this song radiates positivity and invites everyone to get their groove on.

Sneakers play a significant role in MINA's life, and that's precisely what is reflected in her powerful track 'DEICHMANN.' The song tells the story of a remarkable journey marked by passion, hard work, and self-realization.

'DEICHMANN' is not just a rap about sneakers; it's a powerful statement about how, through diligence and self-realization, one can shape the life they've dreamed of. With this song, MINA delivers not only music but also an inspiring life philosophy that motivates every listener to bring out the best in themselves.

My song 'Alles Ok' is the fulfilling response to the ever-asked question: 'Are you okay?' This song largely reflects the life I lead and the many experiences I've had. In my tracks, I aim to express myself authentically and share my personal experiences. 'Alles Ok' is an anthem to the strength I've found in challenging times, and a reminder that life is okay despite all the challenges. With full conviction, I can proclaim: EVERYTHING'S OKAY.

The track 'Carbon' is of the African Style. The hook is melodic, while the rap parts are adorned with spit bars, a tough flow, and real talk. In the hook, the theme revolves around how I see my city, as indestructible as carbon. I feel a strong connection to this track because it articulates my emotional chaos. I associate strength, love, and invincibility with this track. Anyone who can relate to the track and their city, and who gives the song their props, is warmly welcomed.

"Domino" is the tale of a young love that can't withstand the weight of so many emotions, promises, disappointments, and the need for personal freedom. The song draws the listener into a world filled with passionate encounters, intense moments, and painful separations.

With its compelling sound and profound lyrics, "Domino" guides the listener through the various phases of an intense relationship, from the exciting beginnings to the painful ending. It's a song that captures the complexity and fragility of love, reminding us that sometimes even the strongest feelings can't withstand the pressures of personal freedom and individual needs.

"Reckless" is an emotional song that describes the end of a relationship, where two lovers reflect on their reckless actions and recognize the consequences for their love. The melody of the song reflects the mix of pain, anger, and regret, while the lyrics tell an honest and powerful story.

"Reckless" is an honest confrontation with the consequences of reckless decisions in a relationship. It expresses remorse, pain, and the hope for change, reminding us of the importance of caring for each other's feelings and communicating together to maintain a strong and healthy relationship.

The Remix

In 'Nasty Girl,' we're dealing with a bad girl who's both sensitive and wild at the same time. Her presence draws me in, and when I'm with her, I forget everything around me. And even though I don't really want anything to do with her, she drives me crazy. She's as crazy as I am, but we only understand each other for one night.

The next day, she's forgotten once again.

My song "Pardón" is dedicated to people who often apologize yet continue to make the same mistakes.

A "pardon" often isn't enough to reach the deeply rooted wounds, to make amends, or to undo the harm done.


"Nasty Girl" is about a bad girl who is both sensitive and wild at the same time. Her presence is magnetic, and when I'm with her, I forget everything around me. Even though I don't really want anything to do with her, she drives me crazy. She's as crazy as I am, but we only connect for one night.

The next day, she's forgotten again.

The track "Schmetterlinge" falls into the Drill genre. The hook is melodic, and the rap parts are embellished with spit bars, a tough flow, and real talk. The hook discusses how far one would go for a woman and how there are butterflies in the stomach, even though there is no chance of a relationship between the two lovers. The track portrays a lot of pain and sorrow, which one experiences during this impossible emotional chaos.

With "Schmetterlinge," I associate feelings, vibes, and emotions that are present but difficult to interpret and explain. It's a rollercoaster of emotions that experiences ups and downs, influenced by hustle, hard work, and focus.

The track "Fake Love" falls into the Drill genre. The song revolves around a love that has no future and no prospects. It's about a woman who didn't appreciate the love of a man and, in the end, regrets her actions, even though it's too late. The man, despite having feelings and emotions, reciprocates this love but doesn't want to allow it to proceed because of his broken heart and her mistakes.

I associate mixed feelings with "Fake Love," and it was important for me to convey this in the lyrics. The track speaks to all the men who have experienced heartbreak and disappointments in love and to the women who didn't appreciate the love of men and, due to a lack of empathy and selfish actions, followed a path that ended in failure.

The track "French Connection" is in the Trap genre and exudes a Hood vibe. It centers around the Hood mentality, African/Maghreb support, flexing, and pushing oneself to new heights. The track aims to showcase that we are on a different level and ready to compete for the crown, just as in our previous work.

"French Connection" is intended to resonate with everyone, whether they are male, female, boys, girls – anyone who has love for their Hood, their community, and beyond.

The track "CAT" is an answer to the song "DOJA" by Central Cee from UK. The style is drill and is based on Flex, my hometown Düsseldorf, my roots in Morocco and values like hustle, strong harder, money/girls. The vibe is authentic and it's a good vibe.

Born in Germany, Düsseldorf, "Viva Bars" is a term that translates to "long live the bars," signifying my strong connection to Africa and Düsseldorf, where I identify myself. It describes my persona through comparisons that can be found in nearly every part of my work. "Viva Bars" marks a new era in German rap as I incorporate influences from French and UK rap into the sound and flow.

This infusion of styles is rare in the scene and represents my effort to steer German rap in a new direction, aiming to play a more significant role in the European rap game. "Viva Bars" serves as a kind of profile that reveals a wealth of information about me and my identity.

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